Maroc: L’acteur espagnol Javier Bardem énerve le Makhzen

Abdelmalek Alaoui rapporte que l’acteur espagnol Javier Bardem « intervient désormais sur el dossier aux Etats Unis, ce qui risque d’affaiblir notre position aux USA ». « Il est urgent de définir une stratégie », prévient-il.

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Attirons attention sur transcription jointe d’Interview de l’acteur Javier Bardem accordée à la chaine américaine (Publique) PBS hier.

A partir de page 9 (passages surlignés), l’acteur expose sa vision du conflit du Sahara et indique qu’il est en train de préparer un documentaire. Il exprime également son souhait de voir l’Espagne soutenir « le peuple sahraoui » dans sa lutte contre le Maroc.

Demandons que traduction des passages soit effectuée.

Texte des passages dans lesquels il parle de son projet sur le Sahara Occidental:

Note : Bardem intervient désormais sur el dossier aux Etats Unis, ce qui risque d’affaiblir notre position aux USA. Il est urgent de définir une stratégie.

JAVIER BARDEM: I`m producing a documentary about the western Sahara, the western Sahara, which is a colony from Spain. And when Franco died, Spain retreated the troops and left the colony alone by themselves.

And then the Moroccan government the Moroccan soldiers took that colony of ours and laid themselves there and say it`s from Morocco. And 35 years later, they`re forgotten in the middle of the dessert and some of them the occupied Sahara, which is western Morocco. They`re being tortured and imprisoned and their rights have been totally blacked out.

And I`m doing a documentary on that because the society in Spain is supporting that people in a big way. But no government from all these 35 years has had the guts to face Morocco and say « That is wrong. » And Spain is a key country in that, as much as United States and France.

CHARLIE ROSE: What else should Spain be prepared to do for those people?

JAVIER BARDEM: Support in the European community and the United Nations. The right of Sarahawis to get independence from Morocco, which is something that the United Nations and Europe parliament agreed, I think it was year `75, `76.

So it`s like the international community is saying yes, they have the right to be independent, but because France, United States, and Spain are scared of Morocco, or they need Morocco for their own interests, they are not pushing them, they are allowing Morocco to do and to harm people and sometimes to really break the elemental human rights of the Sahari people and they are not condemning what they`re doing.

So Spain, France, and the United States should really go to the government, the monarchy of Morocco and say « This is not right. We have to put people here, Human Rights Watch, and see what`s going on and work for a peaceful solution. »

CHARLIE ROSE: Do you have a prime minister who`s listening?



JAVIER BARDEM: Not yet and I don`t think he will ever. It`s not about right or left, it`s about the governments of Spain and the presidents — no one seems — no one has ever had the guts to face that problem, and they all want to put their back to it.

But a few weeks ago there was a huge parade in Spain, thousands of people saying to the government « enough » because Spain has citizens, they have a very strong relationship with the Sarahawis.

CHARLIE ROSE: Were you there?


CHARLIE ROSE: In the streets?

JAVIER BARDEM: Yes, that`s very common in Spain.


CHARLIE ROSE: Yes, I know. I didn`t know whether you were out making a movie.

JAVIER BARDEM: I was on the streets at the time. It is for a parade or for a drink.


29 déc 2010

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