The Moroccan Diplomacy Of Blood

Through this meticulously concise analysis on north Africa, we will show you the culprit behind the chaos in the region.
“You can’t connect the dots looking forward; you can only connect them looking backwards. So you have to trust that the dots will somehow connect in your future.” Steve Jobs.
And the dots are: Cuba/US policy, Western-Sahara, Ghardaia and Ain Defla Algeria, Sirte, Sebha and Al Jufrah Libya.
But, before going any further, we would like you to take a moment and get familiar with “The Endowment Effect” the knots and bolts of Morocco’s foreign policy.
Now, let’s look backwards at Morocco’s diplomacy which our partners at@TindoufWatchcalled it “The swashbuckling failure of Morocco’s diplomacy” to see that everything Morocco does, is revolved around its colonization of Western-Sahara.
Morocco calls the Polisario Front terrorists. Yet it meets with them in New York to discuss “the Western-Sahara Issue”. Morocco propagates that Cuba trains the Polisario “terrorists” and give them weapons. Therefore, for four(4) decades Rabat spent millions of dollars in D.C, funding Florida congress members of Cuban descent, to demonize the Castro “regime”. But each time Rabat’s propagandists attack the Polisario and Cuba, our partners at @WestsaharaWatch and @TindoufWatch stand up to them to denounce their practice. Thankfully, their work has not been in vain because president Obama decided to normalize US/Cuba relations, which consequently reminded us once again about “The swashbuckling failure of Morocco’s diplomacy”.
Two weeks before the Cubans met with the U.S. State Department officials in D.C to sign the protocol about 30 people died and hundred were wounded in Ghadraia, Algeria. And here we need not go into more details other than presenting the evidence that Morocco is behind it.
Few days after the historical D.C. signing, and while Sarkozy was vacationing in Morocco, Al Qaeda attacked and killed nine Algerian soldiers in Ain Defla. And once again Morocco is behind it as the evidence clearly shows it.
Two to three days after Ain Defla attack, the Armed faction of the MNLA, who left Mali after the signing of the peace treaty, and as we expected themattacked the Toubou tribe in Sebha, Libya.
They are the instigators who refused the signing of the treaty. And as the evidence shows, they once prayed with the king of Morocco and broke bread with him .
The period between Ain Defla and Sebha, Daech sent its terrorists from Sirtesouth to attack Al Jufrah region. This move would get them closer to Ghat, the Libyan border town with Algeria. Furthermore, we need not remind you that there are many Moroccans within Daech in Libya.
Then came Sarkozy. The man behind the Libyan and the Tunisian fiasco. But this time, he came as the king’s envoy to threaten Algeria from Tunis.
In conclusion, among competing hypotheses which predict equally well, the principle with the fewest assumptions should be selected=Morocco.

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