« Death Deal » between Moroccan intelligence and « Droudkel » in a secret meeting in Mauritania

From Brussels: Anouar Malek/English version: Dalila Henache
A very dangerous secret document secret that was leaked by the Moroccan intelligence service, revealed on a clear cooperation between Moroccan regime and the terrorist organization « Al-Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb » through a coordination that reaches a secret meeting that brought the leader of armed bloody organization, « Abdelmalek Droudkel » together with officers in the service of controlling the national soil in the Kingdom of Morocco, in the Mauritanian soil.
Leaked document, which dangerous details are revealed by Echorouk, is a correspondence that was dated on May,17, 2011, carrying the number 8460/11, and that is addressed to the adviser of Moroccan King Mohammed VI in security affairs. 
It explores how the Moroccan intelligence service tried to revive the terrorist activity in the Algerian territory, through the provision of « high patronage » to the leadership of the terrorist organization « Al-Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb ».
Five Moroccan intelligence officers and Three terrorists led by Droudkel
Document stated that on 14/15 May of 2011, and in coordination of the Operational Team that belongs to the General Directorate of Studies and Saving Moroccan Documents, and based on an agent’s request, the document reported that it carries No. 6055 / K.M.S, without mentioning his true identity: « Five officers of the counter-terrorism department that belongs to the General Directorate to Monitor the Moroccan National Territory, through implementing the task -which secret code was referred above-, as they were meeting in the day and date at eight o’clock night.
Dangerous Intelligence document shows that this meeting belongs to what it calls the « agents » (..), suggesting, according to observers, to the extent of their cooperation with the Moroccan regime, and in their turn they hold secret numbers of the Moroccan intelligence, and it comes to the terrorist « Abdelmalek Droudkel », who holds the number 745 / K.M.S, the so-called « Nabil Makhloufi », who in turn holds the No. 798 /K.M.S, and the so-called « Djamel Okhacha » who holds the number 711/K.M.S.
« Prestige » Hotel to sign the Death Deal
According to the content of the secret document, the coordination meeting between the Moroccan intelligence officers and leaders of the armed organization « Al-Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb » took place in the Prestige Hotel in the « Maritime » street in the city of Nouadhibou, Mauritania, which is very closer to the Moroccan consulate.
Same document reveals that the « security meeting » was agreed between the two parties to discuss very serious things that threaten the security and stability of Algeria, as well as the Maghreb countries as a whole, uncovering a dangerous terrorist plot, as « Al Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb » vowed to implement many of the items that are mentioned in it.
Document’s details expose the « collusion » of the Moroccan regime and implication of its intelligence in planning to recover the activity of the « remnants of terrorism » in Algeria by Finance and Supply, as the organization of « Droudkel » agreed with the Moroccan regime’s officers to implement the plot which included mainly:
Four tasks versus three commitments
1. Carry out terrorist attacks in Algerian Sahara which the document calls it « the Eastern Desert » level.
2. Provide information on every Moroccan who joined the terrorist organization.
3. Implement operations on the Algerian-Tunisian border level.
4. Implementation of operations within the Libyan soil.
The second party, which is the Moroccan intelligence service, expressed commitment to Droudkel organization to realize several items that are mentioned in the leaked document, including:
1. Facilitate the entry of terrorists and recruitment in armed organization across the borders of Morocco.
2. Logistical and material support, especially arms.
3. Providing the terrorist organization’s leaders with intelligence information.
Leaked document mentioned a list of names of officers with codes, and also a report on the meeting with the sound and image.
As a reminder, the names that were mentioned by the Moroccan leaked document, are related to the most prominent leaders of the terrorist organization, like Abdelmalek Droukdel, alias « Abu Musab Abdul Wadud », who is the commander of « Al Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb » since 2006 to today, and leader of the organization that is named « Salafist Group for Preaching and Combat », who is the successor of Hassane Hattab, who responded t
o the Charter for Peace and National Reconciliation, and who benefited from it later.
Second person, who was mentioned by the document, is called Nabil Makhloufi, and who is known as « Nabil Abu Alkamah », a prisoner who escaped from Tazoult prison in 1994, and who was leader of « Al Qaeda », he was appointed Deputy Emir of the terrorist organization in the Sahel-Sahara region, then he dies in a road accident, according to a statement that was attributed to « Al Qaeda », and was published by Djihadist websites on September 2012.
Third terrorist is named « Djamel Okasha » and nicknamed « Yahia Abu Alhammam », who is the right arm of the leader of « Al Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb ».
Media sources said he was chosen to lead the terrorist organization and succeed « Abdel-Hamid Abu Zayd » who was killed in northern Mali, in the end of February 2013, during a confrontation with the French troops.
The Uncovered Plot 
Documented facts expose, according to specialists and observers to terrorist organizations, the close relationship between terrorist organizations’ leaders and the Moroccan intelligence, which did not hesitate to meet with the « Emirs of death » in Mauritania, to hold a « deal » that aims to terrorize and revive terrorism in Algeria and areas of the Arab Maghreb, such as Tunisia and Libya, in a desperate attempt to extort Algeria and disperse its security forces, especially in light of the rapid regional developments, and the threat of « foreign interference » and the targeting of its national sovereignty.
Unfortunately for the Moroccan regime, that leaks exposed a part of its devilish plot and revealed, by evidence and argument, its involvement in weaving complicated relationships with the terrorist organization that is fought by Algeria.
Moroccan intelligence officer, Hicham Boucheti, to Echorouk:
« Moroccan Intelligence financed terrorists to avenge Algeria and Polisario »
Document is not tainted by suspicions and holds the Moroccan intelligence hallmarks
Former officer in the Moroccan intelligence, Hicham Boucheti, who currently lives as a political refugee in Belgium, after he spent years as a refugee in Spain, and author of the book « In hospitality of intelligence », through which he revealed his experiences in the Moroccan regime, and also holds the position of Secretary General of the « Moroccan Democratic Youth Party » (opposition), met Echorouk to comment on the leaked secret document, in this interview.
*How do you read this dangerous leaked document, in your position as a former officer in the Moroccan intelligence?
-From a security perspective, the document is not tainted by suspicions in terms of credibility, because the seals and the method of drafting the intelligence reports are embodied by the mentioned document, not to mention the serial number of internal services, as my experience in the administrative section of the military security, before I joined the military intelligence, increases my certainty that it is genuine and leaked from the archives of the General Directorate to Control the Moroccan National Territory- and the Moroccan Civil Intelligence.
For reference, the leaking of such documents from the intelligence apparatus, if anything, it shows the cracked walls of the high black walls, and the start of defections stage within the ranks of its officers due to the official segregation against men and the late Interior Minister, Idriss Basri, who were forced to undergo the guardianship of the men of Fouad Ali Al Hamma, King’s adviser and studies’ friend.
*What are your initial feedback on the document?
-In reality, there is no feedback, because the original document is original one hundred percent, and seals are original and went back to the Directorate General for Control of the National Territory, in addition to the increasing its content which verified the events.
*By virtue of your experience as an officer in the Moroccan intelligence, how do you see the extent of the last cooperation with terrorist groups?
-Since we are in a political dictatorship, such as Morocco, based on pure security intelligence that is mixed with Mafia logic, the intelligence of this state financed armed terrorist groups in the Sahel-Saharan region, in order to create tension in the region and thus create mafia cells under the tutelage of the state apparatus, taking advantage of them in the anti-Kingdom presumed opponents, not to mention, creating the danger of terrorism in the Sahara region and blowing it to face all the free voices of freedom and democracy.
Dictatorship of the Moroccan regime is presented to the national and international public opinion as being a safety valve against terrorism using the image that is promoted internationally, as being a gendarme in the region.
*How do you explain the meeting of Moroccan intelligence with the first man in the terrorist organization « Al-Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb »?
-Terrorism and especially the terrorist organization « Al-Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb », is one of the Moroccan intelligence creation, as the leaked document shows the meetings of Moroccan intelligence officers with the first man in this armed organization, called Abdelmalek Droukdel, is a hard and definitive evidence that the Moroccan regime seeks to reach deals with Al Qaeda leaders in the region, in order to accuse the Algerian regime and Polisario of terrorism, in addition to disguising the countries that are affected by terrorism in order to take advantage of the file