Did Morocco hack into Mohammed Barkindo’s smartphone?

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Spain, Nigeria’s about-face,…: When the Makhzen excels in blackmail

Supported by lobbies and Zionist media relays specialized in propaganda, the Makhzen exercises a horrible blackmail on the leaders of some countries and does not shy away from any process, even if it is petty and criminal, to achieve its goals and objectives. It is an undeniable fact that the Moroccan regime tries by all means to demonize Algeria, discredit its image and defeat everything that is favorable to it, economically and politically by presenting it as an unreliable country, allied with Russia, which is blackmailing (sic) Spain and other European countries even though everyone knows that in this game, few nations can compete with Morocco. And it is certainly not the Pegasus scandal that will tell us otherwise.

The examples are, on this subject, legion. The latest is none other than the about-face of Nigeria in the case of the gas pipeline intended to supply the European continent with gas. While there was no question that the pipeline passes through Morocco, here is that to the surprise of all, the Nigerians suddenly change course, between February and late April, in a very suspicious and dubious way especially, opting for a route of scheme that crosses our western neighbor. The most informed observers see in this reversal an umpteenth twisted coup of the Makhzen but always with the same modus operandi and the same techniques, namely blackmail and diktat. Otherwise how to explain this exit of the Nigerians especially since Algiers and Abuja have everything tied up in this case.

Specialists do not rule out the use of Morocco to hack the smartphones of some Nigerian officials and especially the SG of OPEC, Mohammed Barkindo, who would have weighed all his influence to bend the position of his country to the benefit of the Cherifian Kingdom, which will, moreover, receive financial support from OPEC, well, well, in order to implement the gas pipeline project on the ground.

In any case, such actions by the Makhzen are far from being a precedent. Let’s remember the sad Spanish episode in the Western Sahara issue and the change of position of the Iberian government. It is clear that this turnaround of the Prime Minister, Pedro Sanchez, poorly hides the hand of the Moroccan regime that has threatened Spain via the issue of illegal immigration. Worse. It is whispered that the Makhzen holds compromising things on the Spanish PM for the latter to initiate a 360 ° turn, which has prompted the Spanish judiciary to take an interest in the subject and open an investigation while the government of Sanchez is trying to gain time not to embarrass its relations with Morocco and, above all, avoid the display in the public square of other scandals that would affect members of the government.

File d’Algérie, May 19, 2022

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