What did Morocco find in Pedro Sánchez’s cell phone to humiliate him in this way?

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We Spaniards have more and more signs that our government is being subjected to blackmail that conditions its actions.

An EU commission pointed out Morocco for spying on Sánchez’s cell phone

After a year of hiding it, in May 2022 the Spanish government acknowledged that in May 2021 Pedro Sánchez’s mobile phone was spied on twice, intrusions in which 2.6 GB and 130 MB of data were extracted through the Pegasus cyberespionage. In May 2023, a European Union commission identified Morocco as the author of this act of espionage.

Sánchez’s controversial decisions after that spying on his cell phone

After this act of espionage, in March 2022 Sánchez made a 180º turn in Spanish policy on Western Saharagiving in to Morocco’s claims, in a betrayal of 46 years of Spanish foreign policy and Resolution 690 (1991) of the UN Security Council, which indicated that the situation of the former Spanish province must be resolved with « a referendum for self-deterntination of the people of Western Sahara » which Morocco refuses to hold.

That unexpected turn caused a serious crisis with Algeria, which resulted in a wave of illegal immigration from that country and in a drastic increase of the price of gas sold by Algeria to Spain.

In addition, in October 2022 the government dissolved an elite unit made up of 150 civil guards that successfully combated drug trafficking in the Campo region of Gibraltar. Coincidentally, that controversial decision benefited Morocco, which is the first hashish producer in the world and that in 2021 it legalized cannabis, from which it is derived hashish The measure taken by the Spanish government left the Civil Guard without sufficient means to combat drug trafficking, which ended up triggering the murder of two civil guards 13 days ago by part of some drug traffickers.

On the other hand, in April 2023 it was discovered that Morocco is selling Russian oil to Spain, in violation of European sanctions on Russia for the invasion of Ukraine. The Sánchez government knew it and did not say or do anything to prevent it.

Sánchez announces that Spain will invest 45,000 million euros in Morocco

This Tuesday, the government unexpectedly announced a trip by Sánchez to Morocco that was not on the agenda official this week. The trip was announced less than 24 hours in advance, and during it Sánchez has announced that Spain will invest 45,000 million euros between now and 2050 in Moroccoall of this while the government still does not provide the Civil Guard with sufficient means to combat drug trafficking from Morocco.

Sánchez has made that scandalous announcement without obtaining in return even a commitment from the Moroccan king to reopen the customs with Ceuta and Melilla. As if his attitude were not already humiliating enough, in this lightning visit Sánchez has stated that « Spain and Morocco have established exemplary cooperation » on immigration matters, all while a multitude of illegal immigrants continue to arrive in Spain from Morocco, not only by sea, but also on airplanes.

A betrayal by Sánchez that could be explained with Moroccan blackmail

Sánchez’s behavior is a clear betrayal of Spain’s interests. The socialist leader is acting as if he were the Moroccan governor of Spain and as if we Spaniards were subjects of the king of Morocco. There are serious reasons to think that this betrayal is related to the spying on Sánchez’s cell phone and with possible blackmail by Morocco against the president of the Spanish government.

Sánchez’s attitude, allowing himself to be humiliated by that Islamic country, is a reason for us to ask ourselves: what did Morocco find on Pedro Sánchez’s cell phone to humiliate him in this way? Due to the lack of this government’s transparency, we Spaniards can only imagine the kind of compromising information for Sánchez that could have been found by Moroccan intelligence on his mobile phone.

The other possible explanation: the ‘dark triad’

The alternative to this possibility is even worse, since it would imply that Sánchez does this out of simple contempt for Spain, out of a pathological attempt to damage our country as much as possible so that the government that comes after finds itself with a situation that is as worst as possible, so that Sánchez and his socialist colleagues can have an easier time working in opposition. Sánchez has amply demonstrated that he suffers from what is known in psychology as the « dark triad »: narcissism, Machiavellianism and psychopathy, something that explains his lack of scruples, his absolute contempt for the laws and his desire to govern as If his power had no limits.

Sánchez deserves to end up sitting in court

Whether we are facing the effects of blackmail or the effects of a personality disorder, what is becoming clear is that Sánchez is a danger for Spain and for Europe, and those who keep him in power, both his parliamentary allies and his party colleagues and his government partners, are as responsible as he is for all the damage he is doing to Spain. The day will come when we Spaniards will have the opportunity to settle accounts with this despot, seating him before a court to pay for everything he has done.

Source : Counting Stars, 22/02/2024

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