Harman jokes about Brown's 'Western Sahara moment'

Harriet Harman has poked fun at Gordon Brown’s seeming inability to answer a question put to him at yesterday’s session of Prime Ministers questions.

Answering questions on forthcoming business in the House of Commons, Labour’s Deputy Leader made reference to Mr Brown’s apparently vague answer to a question on the situation in the Western Sahara.
She was dealing with a question about the possibility of farmers facing prosecution over failure to grit roads, but unable to answer in full, she joked about Mr Brown’s answer on Wednesday.
« I’m going to have a Western Sahara moment on that, » she said.
« I’m going to have to get back to him on that one ».
Ms Harman was referring to the Prime Minister’s response to a question asked by Conservative MP Andrew Murrison, for Mr Brown’s opnion on the « the situation the Western Sahara ».
However Mr Brown’s vague response and references to terrorism has led critics to speculate as to whether he had been referring to the Eastern Sahara.
His response prompted Conservative MP Andrew Mackay to press Ms Harman for a full debate on the topic.
Source : Politics Home Index

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